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Best Techniques of Website Development


Web development mainly refers to the tasks connect with developing websites for hosting via internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. In generally web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files. The web developers are responsible for how a website looks. Web developers create the site’s layout and integrate graphics, applications and other content. They also write web design programs in a variety of computer languages, HTML or JavaScript. There are some types of web developer specialization: front-end [...]

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How to Learn Ethical Hacking


Ethical Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a network or a computer. In other words, the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer. The person who engaged in hacking activities is known as a hacker. In computer security, a hacker is focuses on security mechanisms of computer and network systems. To become hacker, learning basic techniques, how to think like a hacker, and how to gain respect within the ethical hacking community. Hacking is identifying weakness of some system and gaining access with it. Hackers gets unauthorized access by targeting system while ethical hacker have an [...]

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Upcoming New Technologies


NEW UPCOMING TECHNOLOGIES The evolution of technology is beneficial to human for several reasons. Technology has also increased the productivity of almost every industry in the whole world. There are many benefits of modern technology such as it saves time, easy to communicate, cost efficiency and improved banking. The new upcoming technology is simply an advancement of old technology. The impact of technology in modern life is unmeasurable as we use technologies in different ways. we use technology on a daily basis. The importance of technology is makes you feel more secure with every area in life for both personal and [...]

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD The artificial intelligence is presented as a booming field and constantly evolving, equipped with systems capable of performing tasks normally attributed to humans as it can be to translate a document or other personal facial recognition. We talk to you in more detail about it from our Technology blog. What is artificial intelligence? The Artificial Intelligence or AI for its acronym in English Artificial Intelligence is defined as the simulation of human cognitive development processes by computer systems. Such procedures include learning in the form of the acquisition of information and [...]


Software House in Lahore


While living in Lahore, we have been hearing from everyone that this place is very much common in providing delicious foods. Well, its true, Lahore is very rich in varieties of foods like Desi, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and many more. These can please the locals as well as people from other countries. It is very delightful to know that there are many Software Houses in Lahore. The software house is known as the organization that provides the software products and works on software development. Hundreds, thousands of the people from different areas of the country come to Lahore to set up [...]

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Bestosoft Vision


BestoSoft is a services development company in Lahore that develops product online application, Hosting, Domain, SEO, IOS, Android, Social Media Marketing, IT Solutions, Logo Design, E-COMMERCE WEB & MOBILE STORE, Graphic design and  Visiting Card provides IT consultancy and outsources IT Resources. Bestosoft our team expect and professional all skill. we have supported hundreds of clients to overcome technical complexities by delivering  modified solutions and products for clients as per their needs. BestoSoft is a services development company in Lahore that develops product online application, Hosting, Domain, SEO, IOS, Android, Social Media Marketing, IT Solutions, Logo Design, E-COMMERCE WEB & MOBILE [...]

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